CoCoDA is a non-profit organization devoted to the mission of cooperating in projects for democratic, community-based social and economic development in Central America, and promoting awareness and social responsibility in the United States for more just relations with Latin America.

Since 1992, CoCoDA has been connecting United States citizens, churches, service clubs, universities, and organizations with grassroots cooperatives and community development organizations in El Salvador. In 2016, we brought this same approach to Nicaragua. We have two simple goals…

  1. To build such strong relationships between the people of the United States and Central America that the United States will never again subsidize the oppression of Central Americans.
  2. To help rebuild the communities and infrastructure destroyed by United States dollars during the Salvadoran Civil War and Nicaraguan conflict.

In the process of accomplishing these goals, we also hope to transform the worldview of North Americans by helping them to understand both their privilege and responsibility as citizens of the United States and Canada.