delegation tying rebar

CoCoDA is presently collaborating on the following projects:

Water and Sanitation

El Rodeo

Bringing clean, affordable water to this small Salvadoran community will be our primary project for 2018. This project will be a collaboration of the Washington Ethical Society, Rotary International, ADES, and CoCoDA. This $190,000 project will use solar power to bring clean water to over 100 familes for the first time. Most importantly, as a solar powered system, it will enable the community to provide affordable water while saving money for future repairs and maintenance.

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The children of El Rodeo

The children of El Rodeo have a simple message: "Without water, there is no life."

Solar Powered Water System Initiative

CoCoDA has initiated an ambitious plan to partner with Zacataloza, Nicaragua in building solar powered water system and to retrofit two past projects - Aguacayo and El Roble in El Salvador - from electrical grid systems to solar powered systems. The goal is to bring clean, affordable water to over 500 men, women and children by the end of 2019. This initiative kicked off during an international conference in Suchitoto, El Salvador in October of 2017.

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Ivan Villasboa

CoCoDA Program Director, Ivan Villasboa, and the Governor of Suchitoto celebrate the turning on of the taps at El Roble.

Education and Youth

El Roble School

The school at El Roble was destroyed nearly 35 years ago during the Civil War. In 2012, delegations began to assist in the rebuilding of the school. As of today, the outer walls and roof are nearly complete. Thanks to a generous fundraising campaign by past visitors to El Roble, we've raised to $10,000 to complete the school in 2018. Once the school is complete, the government has pledged to provide teachers.

Agua Calientes Preschool

In 2018, CoCoDA and DePauw University will be collaborating with the National Movement of Somoto in building a preschool building the village of Agua Calientes, Nicaragua. This community of about 900 people has many small children who presently meet for classes in homes or under trees. This project will provide them with a two room school.

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The El Roble School

The El Roble School near completion after 35 years of devastation.

Youth Leadership Campaign

CoCoDA has partnered with other organizations to support the Youth Leadership Campaign (YLC) in the Santa Marta and Suchitoto communities. This campaign allows 35 students to attend the University of El Salvador each year. In return for this support, these students spend nearly every weekend returning to their home communities to provide educational workshops and learning experiences.

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youth leadership

Zacataloza Scholarship Program

When Indiana School of Public Health students returned from the community of Zacataloza, several of them decided to organize a simple scholarship program for the youth of this rural, mountain village in Nicaragua. Presently, the school in Zacataloza ends at the sixth grade. This scholarship program makes it possible for the best students to continue their secondary education at a nearly school by providing assistance with uniforms, books, supplies, lunch and transportation.

Read more about the Zacataloza Scholarship program on our Education/Youth page.

Public Health

La Mora Dental Clinic

For many years, CoCoDA and others have helped support the La Mora Medical Clinic. This clinic offers accessible, inexpensive medical care to thousands each year. Our partners in La Mora have identified the need for a small dental clinic connected with the present facility. This project involves adding a one room dental office and providing dental equipment.

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Indiana University students

Nicaragua Composting Latrine Project

In 2016, delegations from Indiana University and West Virginia University helped CoCoDA build two composting latrines at the school in Zacataloza. These latrines are being used by the children as well as serving as a demonstration and training site. The goal is to teach the children the advantages of a composting latrine and to eventually assist families in building one at their home. In 2017, a second demonstration latrine was built at the community center at Cacao. In 2018, two additional demonstration latrines will be constructed in two La Sabanita and Aguas Calientes. In 2019, we hope to begin building a smaller, more economical version of these composting latrines at family homes.

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