Jim Mulholland, Executive Director

Jim came to CoCoDA in 2014 after many years in non-profit and community development work. For twenty years, Jim served as a pastor for the Methodist and Quaker denominations with deep connections in social justice movements in the United States and internationally. He also worked for an urban community development corporation for nearly ten years. Coming to CoCoDA has allowed Jim to focus on what he has always enjoyed the most—supporting and empowering the powerless.

Jim says, “Working with CoCoDA combines many of my greatest passions and principles, engaging the world where our highest aspirations meet the hard realities of life.”

Jim handles all the administrative responsibilities for CoCoDA as well as fundraising, grant writing, communications and marketing. For administrative questions, contact Jim at jim@cocoda.org.

Iván J. Villasbôa, Program Director

Iván has been the heart and soul of CoCoDA for many years. A graduate of DePauw University, Iván gained a deep appreciation for service learning experiences. In 1993, Iván joined CoCoDA as a Delegation Coordinator and has introduced hundreds of people to the El Salvador story. Over the years Iván has worked on dozens of vibrant and sustainable projects in El Salvador and is deeply trusted by the people of El Salvador. He is excited about what he has to learn as CoCoDA expands to Nicaragua

Ivan says, “People travel to Central America thinking they are going to help people, but soon discover that, in living and working with Central American people, they are the ones who are changed. Helping people be transformed is incredibly satisfying.”

Ivan works with delegations in preparing for their visit to Central America as well as developing the collaborative projects in El Salvador and Nicaragua. Those interested in exploring a delegation or supporting a project can contact Ivan at ivan@cocoda.org.

Yunior Medardo Gomez, Delegation Director

Yunior is a product of CoCoDA investments. Yunior grew up in Santa Marta, where CoCoDA has supported educational initiatives for many years. A recipient of a CoCoDA sponsored scholarship, Yunior graduated from the University of El Salvador with a degree in English. He previously led delegations for MS- Action Aid Denmark. Yunior is consistently lauded by delegation participants for his care and leadership.

Yunior says, “It is very satisfying to work for and with those who believed in you, to repay those investments in the communities of El Salvador.”

Yunior is responsible for all in-country logistics and delegation support. Those with questions about an ongoing or past delegation may contact Yunior at yunior@cocoda.org.

Richard Sanchez, Assistant Delegation Director

Richard Sanchez is CoCoDA's assistant delegation director in Nicaragua and our newest employee. Richard has spent most of his life teaching. He has taught both English and Spanish and has been working with foreigners and tourists for many years. For many years, he worked with the La Mariposa Language School where is gained a passion for social justice. Raised in a poor family of farmers, he was fortunate to attend the National Autonomous University of Managua, where he earned a degree in English.

Richard says, "I’ve had the chance to share what I know about my country with people from different parts of the world and have learned a lot from them, too."

Richard is our primary delegation coordinator in Nicaragua and assists staff in planning both delegations and projects. Those with questions about traveling to Nicaragua may contact Richard at richard@cocoda.org.