Common Logistical Questions

  • COST: A one week delegation of fifteen people costs about $1,100 per person plus airfare.
  • LENGTH: You can visit for as long as you like. Additional weeks cost considerably less with a month visit costing about $2,100.
  • FUNDRAISING. CoCoDA incorporates your project fees into the cost of the delegation. You don't have to spend lots of energy on fundraising.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE. Delegation fees cover all food, lodging, transportation and fees. There are no hidden costs.
  • HEALTH. CoCoDA has a long record of keeping our delegates healthy.
  • SAFETY. We work in Central American communities with little crime and violence

For more details, check out our Logistical Questions page.

Check out this three minute video of the DePauw University delegation...

Spanish Language Classes

CoCoDA provides online Spanish language classes for delegates before or after their trip to Central America. Classes are provided via Skype by the Pajaro Flor Spanish School in Suchitoto, El Salvador. All classes are in Spanish (the teachers do not speak English), but are designed to assist even beginner students.

Classes are $11 an hour and can be scheduled nearly any day or time.

Those interested in taking these classes can contact Jim Mulholland at to make arrangements for payment. Once payment is made, CoCoDA will help arrange a schedule of classes.