Visiting Central America changes you forever. The people become friends. Their story becomes part of your story. Their struggles become your concern. Your worldview, when you return home, is forever altered.

"I was impressed by the thoughtfulness staff members bring to working alongside outstanding local partners. Additionally, at every stage of the trip there were opportunities for respectful, authentic dialogue with community members. The Friends of CoCoDa delegation cemented in my mind that the organization’s unique approach embodies community driven development and cross-cultural learning at its very best."

Samantha Alarie-Leca, The West Foundation

"I sense that I have lived far more than a month's worth of life experiences. I have learned extraordinary things, met many inspirational people, and acquired valuable skills. I have new meanings for humility, perseverance, and kindness. I am indebted to this country for providing me with these opportunities so graciously. I will not soon forget El Salvador."

Andrew Fleming, IU Medical Student

"I stayed with two families while in El Salvador. Even though language was a barrier, the hospitality of these families was overwhelming. I started to refer to one of my house mothers as "Cry Baby." Every time we discussed my pending departure she would start to get tears in her eyes. The hearts of the Salvadorians I met were the biggest and warmest I have encountered in my many travels."

Cecil Pollard, WVU Professor

"CoCoDA has allowed our faculty and staff to focus on education and reflection rather than logistics. They know and understand the local government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the communities. They facilitate learning experiences we could have never created on our own. They creatively solve problems and handle the unexpected. I know our students are in good hands."

Jennifer Custer, IU Program Director