Youth Leadership Education Campaign (YLC)

In the past ten years, CoCoDA has partnered with other organizations to support the Youth Leadership Education Campaign (YLC). This program helps between 30-35 youth attend college each year from the Santa Marta and Suchitoto regions. While tuition is only $50 a year in El Salvador, living in San Salvador is very expensive. The YLC program provides two rent free student houses.

This is not a loan program. As part of this scholarship program, these students commit to return to their home villages nearly every weekend to offer classes and workshops based on their area of study. In this way, they serve as mentors and examples to the younger children and create a culture that values and honors college education. In addition, many of these students return to be leaders in their home communities.

CoCoDA is assisting our partners in safeguarding the sustainability of this program by raising the funds for the purchase of the student housing that is presently being rented. This will allow the expansion and improvement of the properties as well as an increased capacity to provide lodging to scholars.

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways...

  1. Visit the student houses, meet the scholars and hear their aspirations.
  2. Raise money to support the purchase of this housing.
  3. Visit Santa Marta or Suchitoto on a weekend and participate in the workshops led by these scholars.
  4. Support an anti-gang program in one of our communities.

The Scholarship YLC students expressing their thanks to the many donors to the scholarship fund.

El Roble School

In 1981, at the height of the Salvadoran conflict, the El Roble School was bombed and destroyed. When families returned in the early 90s, rebuilding homes and farms was priority. Young people in El Roble were forced to walk two miles to elementary school and travel ten miles for secondary education. Many young people received little education. The lack of water also required them to spend 2-3 hours each day walking back and forth to the spring.

In 2012, CoCoDA and our partners began rebuilding the School with guarantees from the government that teachers would be provided upon the completion of the school. To date, one room is finished and two rooms only await roofing. It is our hope to complete the renovation of the three room school in 2018.

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways...

  1. Live in El Roble and help rebuild the school.
  2. Raise money to furnish and supply the school on completion.
  3. Visit and provide supplemental education to children and adults in El Roble.

This site plan shows the ultimate goal of the El Roble School Project.

This two room school was completed in Zacataloza, Nicaragua in December of 2016 as a collaboration between CoCoDA, IPADE, DePauw University and the Municipality of Cuidad Antigua.