El Rodeo, El Salvador

El Rodeo, a community of about 100 families in the Municipality of Victoria in the Department of Cabanas. El Rodeo and another smaller sister community called Buenos Aires, have been dreaming and working for ten years to develop a water system. In 2017, work began on the ambitious plan of a solar powered water project as a collaboration of local partner, ADES, CoCoDA and Engineers Without Borders. On June 23rd, 2019, these partners will gather with the community to formally inaugurate the completion of this project!

Join people from across the world in the inauguration of the El Rodeo Solar Powered Water project. This tour (June 21-26, 2019) will attend the inauguration on Sunday, July 23rd as well as tour other projects. It will culminate with a visit to the Santa Tecla Rotary Club meeting in San Salvador. For more information and the full itinerary, click here.

The children of El Rodeo say, "Without water, there is no life."

Solar Power Retrofits In El Salvador

With improved solar power technology, it is now possible to pump water much cheaper using solar energy rather than electricity. During the next three years (2017-2019), CoCoDA is working with our partners in El Salvador to retrofit two electrically powered water projects - El Roble and Aguacayo - with solar powered pumps.

These retrofits will reduce the cost of water for this rural villages by up to 50% and make sustainability much easier. In addition, these retrofits will increase capacity by allowing even the poorest Salvadorans to afford to connect to the water system. Clean water is good, but affordable water is even better. These retrofits will make clean water affordable for over 500 men, women and children.

Though much cheaper than building a new water system, retrofitting a system with solar power is still expensive. We estimate each retrofit will cost about $25,000. In October of 2017, CoCoDA invited those interested in supporting one of these projects to the Sun and Water Conference in Suchitoto, El Salvador. This video summarizes the excitement and possibility of that conference...

Sun and Water Conference Video

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways...

  1. Visit El Salvador, live with a family and learn about public health, water and sanitation.
  2. Help us raise the final $2,500 for these projects.
  3. Bring a group to tour one of these projects and identify a community to partner with.

These simple water pipes have saved three to four hours of valuable time for the women and children of El Roble.

Zacataloza, Nicaragua

Zacataloza, a village of 40 families in the mountains of northern Nicaragua, has incredible mountain vistas, hard working people and just about nothing else. However, in 2016, CoCoDA began to partner with the people of Zacataloza and the local community development organization, IPADE, to address their water and sanitation issues.

In 2016, students from DePauw helped build a two room school. Students from IU and WVU built a composting latrine on the site of the community school. This will be used by the children of the school as well as serve as a demonstration and training site. We hope to build a dozen composting latrines in the village in 2019.

Finally, we are working with our local partner, MCN, and the Municipality of Cuidad Antigua to bring clean, affordable water to Zacataloza through a solar powered water system. In March of 2019, construction began of this exciting project with the hope of completion by August of 2019.

Delegations are invited to participate in this project in the following ways...

  1. Visit Zacataloza and see the work we've already done. Live in Zacataloza, work in the mountain fields and discover the challenges of living without easily accessible water.
  2. Help raise the final $15,000 needed for their solar powered water system.
  3. Come and build some latrines with community families.

West Virginia University students working on the composting latrine in Zacataloza.