Central American Sun and Water Conference

Be inspired with the 2021 Central American Sun and Water conference

Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA) alongside Central American communities, local NGO’s, Rotary International, local Rotary clubs and the Washington Ethical Society have been partnering in building potable water systems.During these difficult times, much of our work in Central America has stalled, but we are still able to prepare for four new solar-powered water systems coming in 2021. These systems make possible...

Inauguration of the Solar-Panel Water System in Zacataloza, Nicaragua

Solar-powered water System to solve water issues in Zacataloza, Nicaragua

On February 1st, 2020, the community of Zacataloza, Luis Arturo Mairena the mayor of the Municipality of Ciudad Antigua, local government officials, Fredi Flores the Executive Director of MCN, the engineers, and a delegation of financial supporters from the United States gathered to celebrate the inauguration of the Solar Powered Water System in Zacataloza, Nicaragua. No more would women and children...

IU Med Students with Salvadoran Doctors - CoCoDA

Suchitoto, El Salvador Clinical Support

Since 2012, Indiana University Department of Family Medicine faculty, residents and students have participated in a clinical and cultural immersion program in Suchitoto, El Salvador. This program offers US healthcare providers the opportunity to develop cross cultural competency and language training. In return, these students, faculty and residents work beside Salvadoran healthcare workers, learning the expertise necessary to work with underserved...