CoCoDA responds to Covid-19 in Central America

In the months after the pandemic began, CoCoDA transitioned from our previous projects to supporting Nicaragua and El Salvador through the “Central American Relief Effort” (CARE) campaign.While we continue to sustain other programs, our priority has become supporting the response of our partners to this terrible virus. Through donors like you, we have distributed over $5,000 of masks, PP equipment and other...


CoCoDA celebrates the life and work of Iván Villasboa

On the 50th birthday of Ivan José María Villasboa, we celebrate his life, his dedication to the people of Central America and his years of service to Companion Community Development Alternatives (CoCoDA).  On October 31st, Ivan will be retiring from his position as CoCoDA Program Director and transitioning to the CoCoDA Board of Directors. For the first time in nearly...

Dr. Hurtado explains how they need the resources to fight Covid-19

Fighting COVID-19 in Central America

In this video, Dr. Alex Hurtado and Midwife Higinia Hernandez explain how desperately they need the resources to fight Covid-19 in Central America. In El Salvador, there have been about 22,000 “reported” cases and about 600 deaths.  Nicaragua has had at least 130 deaths. These are high numbers for these small countries. There is also lots of evidence that...


Aguacayo community received water through the Sun and Water Initiative

Aguacayo community, like many communities in El Salvador, was very affected during civil war. When families started to repopulate the community, they faced with a different kind of life with no water at homes. They had to walk dangerous paths to get water. Meet Carmen Amaya, one of the first inhabitants of this community and know some of the history...